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“ What a read! Nothing on earth will prepare you for your trip of removing the layers inside you to emerge or re-emerge the particular powerful spark of being a woman plus understanding your true nature. inch

Ecstasy is more than the drug. Coach and Author, Merav Richter, defines it as a way to be which is achieved as women start to step into their greatest power, existence, and possibility. Her new guide, “ Brave Ecstatic Woman”, is really a guide drawing upon ancient plus modern-day philosophy, mysticism, spirituality plus scientific research to help women take on their authentic, feminine power plus experience ecstasy in their everyday life.

Richter had been inspired to ignite her own womanly essence after feeling unfulfilled within a life that seemingly offered the girl everything she wanted and required. For over 25 years, she worked to spot the key to bringing freedom plus ecstasy into everyday life and utilizes her book and platform to exhibit women everywhere that living the brave, ecstatic life comes from inside.

“ Whenever you embrace your body, you embody your own power, ” the author said. “ When you empower your life, you live the life you love! ”

“ What a read! Absolutely nothing in the world will prepare you for the journey of removing the levels within you to emerge or re-emerge the powerful spark of being a lady and understanding your true character, ” a reviewer wrote in regards to the book.

Females of all ages will enjoy “ Brave Delighted Woman” and the tools within which supports them amplify their authentic character to live ecstatically every day.

“ Brave Ecstatic Lady: 7 Steps to Ignite Your Womanly Essence for an Audaciously Luscious Life”
By Merav Richter
ISBN: 9781504353656 (softcover); 9781504353663 (electronic)
Available at the Balboa Press On the web Bookstore , Amazon plus Barnes & Noble

About the author
Merav Richter is a philosopher, poet, artist and peacemaker. She is the owner of Ecstatic Movement, a technique focused on energetic transformation, empowerment and clever wisdom. She is the author The Secret from the Storyteller, a novel of arising. Merav holds a degree in Beliefs of Religion and has studied the particular mystical traditions extensively. She is devoted to supporting women to create the bravest, most ecstatic version of their life. She teaches and speaks regarding women’ s mysticism and empowerment. See for home elevators courses and events. To learn more, much more .


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