Donnie Jarreau, a real property developer with several fitness night clubs in his portfolio, and Troy Archer, who also spent decades working and developing multiple fitness night clubs, have been business partners in Baton Rouge for 25 years. The duo created a concept called Spectrum Health and fitness, and grew it to ten units before selling it last year. They wanted to stay in fitness, to find the next big thing in health and fitness, they attended the International Wellness, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) Convention & Trade Show within Los Angeles in 2017.

Enter Edward “ EK” Navan, who has worked for several national fitness brands. Navan had been developing a plan to open a heart-monitored, multi-platform group fitness concept. This individual met Jarreau and Archer on IHRSA, and the rest, they say, can be history. In March of 2017, the trio created Regymen Health and fitness, a high-energy, boutique fitness facility with three platforms: Burn, concentrating on cardio and weights; Box, concentrating on power punching and core function; and Build, focusing on compound motions and explosive cardio.

Regymen Fitness opened the first company-owned location in Pensacola in March 2018, followed by 2 more in Baton Rouge within March and June. In Nov, the brand’ s first franchised location will open in Austin, as well as the first prototype location will open up in Baton Rouge. All business locations will adhere to the model, which is built for the 3 platforms, but provides franchise proprietors the flexibility to add on additional systems, and create different programming within every platform. Two additional corporate areas are slated to open In Baton Rouge in early 2019.

“ Regymen Fitness will be unlike anything that exists in franchising right now. As fitness trends low fat more toward boutique and niche market offerings, now is the perfect time just for Regymen Fitness to emerge because the challenger brand, ” said Regymen Fitness President Tom O’ Keefe, who has worked in franchising for your bulk of his career, including stints at Anytime Fitness, Smoothie King plus Ruth’ s Chris. “ Using the constantly evolving programming, even inside the three platforms, there is so much range within the model that is capturing the interest of consumers, and we’ ve constructed the infrastructure to ready the brand name for major franchise growth. ”

Over the past 1 . 5 years, the team has been laser-focused upon building out the corporate team to organize for major growth through franchising, hiring O’ Keefe as Chief executive, and Nick Binnings, formerly associated with Another Broken Egg Cafe, because Director of Franchise Development.

“ We are currently getting a lot of organic interest in the particular brand. Regymen Fitness is an organic fit for anyone in the fitness company or that is interested in fitness, ” said O’ Keefe. “ We would like to make sure we grow this brand with all the right partners. ”

Binning notes that Regymen Fitness is looking for qualified franchise companions with industry experience and the funds to do a minimum of three studios within Houston, Dallas, Nashville, Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte now, Atlanta, Orlando and Tampa, to begin. The initial investment range for a Regymen Fitness is $425, 000 in order to $870, 500. The brand will offer you 20 percent off the franchise charge for military veterans. The current business fee is $29, 500, that will increase to $39, 500 upon April 1, 2019.

To ensure that franchise owners open up their doors with a baseline associated with memberships already in place, Regymen Physical fitness requires franchisees to spend $30, 1000 on a pre-sale marketing campaign, which includes a fifty dollars discount on monthly memberships.

“ Our objective is for franchisees to get 350-400 subscriptions signed before their doors open up, which creates a lot of revenue upon day one, ” said O’ Keefe.

Regymen Fitness is really a high-energy, boutique fitness studio along with three platforms: Burn, focusing on cardiovascular and weights; Box, focusing on energy punching and core work; plus Build, focusing on compound movements plus explosive cardio. Classes track heartrate and use analytics to help people set goals while giving them current access to the progress of their exercise. It was created by fitness industry experts Edward cullen Navan and Donnie Jarreau within 2015 and launched franchising possibilities in 2018. To learn more about franchising opportunities, visit .

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