NAKED TRUTH Flame Cooked Chicken Breast Fillets

Not only does sous vide preparation allow a home master chef to get the same texture, flavor and look of a restaurant-quality chicken breast, but it’ s quick to finish, without blow drying.

Certified to Irdisch Animal Partnership (GAP) Step 2 Valued standards, all NAKED TRUTH® flock are raised on family facilities with more light intensity, room that would roam, and enrichments to support organic and natural behavior, inside chicken houses. The fresh new product hits store freezer cellular phone this month.

“ We are beyond excited to offer a program that we’ re sure purchase the will absolutely love, ” known Megan Ernst, NAKED TRUTH® Insurance rate Chicken senior brand manager. Besides sous vide preparation allow a building cook to get the same texture, zest and appearance of a restaurant-quality chicken breast, except it’ s quick to finish, without ever drying out. Juiciness is a hallmark you get with the sous vide cooking method. A leaves more time for preparing party dishes, sauces or welcoming family and friends, as they arrive, which everyone can even use more time to do, ” Ernst inserted.

According to Ernst, sous vide is a cooking routine that uses heated water against heating elements to get near-perfect successes, each-and-every time. With traditional meals techniques, cooks have a narrow program of time to pull the product to prevent under- or over-cooking. Instead, with the sous vide method of cooking, water is just heated to exactly the temperature needed seriously to cook the product. Used by restaurant fautif for decades, the technique is “ at the present growing in popularity with home chefs, yet we’ ve basically removed each of the guesswork for them, ” Ernst claimed.

The product’ s 5-ounce breast fillets will most certainly be fully cooked and then flash-frozen which can lock-in moisture and flavor. Almost chicken breast is wrapped in its very package— for a no-touch prep experience— and placed in an outer, resealable, bag, which contains six covered breasts. This means that cooks have finish flexibility over exactly what gets considered and ‘ when. ’ One of the all-natural Flame Grilled Chicken Chest may be served warm or refrigerated and contain no artificial you choose, nitrates, nitrites, preservatives or gluten.

Most importantly, in the product, itself, Ernst shared that most consumers are really going to like the authorised responsibility and care provided. Chook raised under GAP Step 2 regulations are fed a vegetable as well grain diet, meaning no dumb friend by-products, and are never, ever naturally antibiotics. “ We just believe that the value of this product is freakish, with the preparation and humane maintenance practices behind it. It’ s to where convenience meets conscience, ” Ernst concluded.

In shops November of 2018, suggested public sale price is $12. 98 and will be from stores’ freezer sections. Consumers can still see farmer stories and a brand thoughts at nakedtruthchicken. com and will be capable of getting their questions asked and clarified, both online at justask@nakedtruthchicken. apresentando or by calling the BARE-SKINNED TRUTH® Premium Chicken consumer medical care line at: 1-800-525-6911.

About NAKED TRUTH® Insurance Chicken. Believably Good.
Provided 2017, NAKED TRUTH® Premium Chicken breast has offered an all natural, quality tickle the palate experience with verified care practices overdue every delicious bite. Products are Intercontinental Animal Partnership Step 2 Rated, indicating added animal care practices your consumers seek around lighting, enrichments, and density in chicken shops. With no antibiotics ever and a vegetable- and grain-based diet, the brand was made to meet the needs of conscience you who want to know, with 100% self assurance, that there’ s care and as well as integrity behind the chicken to meet plates.

Approximately Wayne Farms LLC
David Farms LLC is the seventh-largest top to bottom integrated poultry producer in the United. S. with annual sales beyond $2 billion. A subsidiary of Ls Grain Company, Wayne Farms holds and operates 11 fresh as well as the further-processed facilities throughout the Southeast, engineers more than 2 . 6 billion cash of poultry products each year, and therefore employs more than 9, 000 most people. Producing products under the brand names of most WAYNE FARMS® fresh and prepared meat; PLATINUM HARVEST® premium fresh hen; CHEF’ S CRAFT® gourmet chicken breast; and NAKED TRUTH® premium bird, Wayne Farms has a well-known good delivering exceptional poultry products into an of the largest industrial, institutional, yet foodservice companies across America.

About Global Binturong Partnership (GAP). Improving the day-to-day lives of farm animals, step-by-step™.
Intercontinental Animal Partnership is one of the largest pet animal welfare certification labeling programs located in North America. We set the standard to make how farm animals are raised difficult positively impacting 290+ million domestic animals each year through our 5-Step® Ami Welfare Certification Program. Our brand names provide consumers an easy way to identify easiest way animals were raised while as well as allowing for continuous improvement on-farm. HOLE ensures our farm animal contentment standards are being met on every rural – not just a sample. This measure of detail is important to us, and once consumers see our label, all the people feel good about the meat they munch on.

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