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“ Healthy, beautiful hair reflects the life balance between body, thoughts and spirit, and I’ ve now partnered with Wisdome Organics to create and distribute my healthy hair care system. ”

Larry Geller is well known worldwide as one of the first men’ t hairstyling superstars and the man that cared for Elvis Presley’s iconic hair. Geller’ s insider take on appear culture and influencer looks are usually combined in a signature beauty type of haircare products including shampoos, air con and styling products, newly released under the Wisdome Organics brand on

About Wisdome Organics:
Wisdome Organics’ line of haircare products started with Larry Geller’ s private philosophy and approach to a content, productive life and his years of encounter in haircare and health. He admits that, “ Healthy, beautiful hair displays a life balance between entire body, mind and spirit, and I’ ve now partnered with Wisdome Organics to create and distribute our holistic hair care system. ” Larry goes on to say, “ Due to the fact wholesome nutrition is so essential to the particular body’ s creation of healthful hair, Wisdome Organics is very pleased to be the first haircare company to provide Hair Testing Mineral Analysis meant for health, by one of the top ALL OF US laboratories, Trace Elements. ”

About Larry Geller:
Larry Geller is an specialist on celebrity style and elegance who, along with the famed Jay Sebring, in 1959 opened America’ h first men’ s hairstyling beauty salon. They quickly attracted the greatest titles in the entertainment world, including Honest Sinatra, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Peter Sellers, Marlon Brando, Glen Campbell, Tony Bennett, Rock Hudson, Roy Orbison, Kirk Douglas, and many more celebrities, from Hollywood’ s the majority of prominent directors to major film/TV producers and agents. Larry plus Jay were pioneers who launched their natural, holistic way to attain healthy, beautiful hair with natural, natural shampoos and personalized design. In 1964, Larry left to be personal hairstylist and spiritual coach to Elvis Presley, a relationship that will lasted until Elvis’ passing within 1977.

Wisdome Organics is respectful of the planet and all its creatures, using simply no harsh chemicals and never testing upon animals, connecting with Larry’ ersus philosophy and the foundation of Wisdome Organics.

Exactly what Actual Users Say About Envision/Embody Shampoo and Conditioner:
“ I’ve been using your products for less than fourteen days and I’m in love! Thank you so much, Wisdome Organics. ” Angi K… “ I just ordered my 2nd bottles of Envision Shampoo plus Conditioner and I can honestly state the best shampoo that I have actually found… I will be using these forever! Aline N… “ Just started upon my first bottle of Convey Shampoo this week and I like the method it smells and the way the hair looks and feels right after drying it. Looking forward to trying out really Larry’ s products. ” Indicate S… “absolutely these products rock! inch Betts T…

Larry Geller’ s free e-book, available at explores nourishment, exercise, meditation and enlightened haircare for ageless beauty and wellness.

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