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“ Our two-minute TV place was the perfect way to re-introduce the particular Contour LEG Pillow to an looking public, ” said Ed Crain, President of Kingstar Direct. “ We know the audience for this method out there and we chose the ideal method to spread the news of its reemergence. ”

Leading performance-driven movie production company Kingstar Immediate has successfully released the Contour LEGacy Pillow using a short-form TV advertising campaign that has become one of the most successful leg pillow television place in nearly two decades.

The Contour LEGacy Cushion, which sells for $19. 99, has been completely redesigned to match the particular natural curves of a person’ ersus body. Previous designs had been boxy, hard and uncomfortable. The new design is ventilated, so it keeps your body cool and dry, and is made from comfortable, soft memory foam. Its simple shape does not give out if someone transforms over during the night. And it is the only lower-leg pillow that lets the consumer make use of two together— one in the upper thighs and one in the calves.

“ Our two-minute TELEVISION spot was the perfect way to re-introduce the Contour LEG Pillow for an eager public, ” said Male impotence Crain, President of Kingstar Immediate, one of North America’ s top performance-driven video production companies. “ We know the audience for this method out there and we chose the ideal method to spread the news of its reemergence. ”

In today’s mass media market, people are consuming content throughout multiple devices. Kingstar took this particular into account with the LEGacy Pillow marketing campaign. The content was produced to include both mobile and desktop forms. Using the drive to web recognition from the TV spot, Kingstar Media was able to make search ads that drove product sales and retargeting ads on social media marketing. In addition , the made for digital video clips converted at scale on several prospecting campaigns, driving a CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT that was 29% lower than the target. This particular campaign proved how effective Kingstar is at building content and carrying out media buys across multiple platforms.

Kingstar Immediate began the process by designing the: 60 second web test movie. Utilizing a propriety method, the video has been then sent to 300, 000 emails, included a landing web page along with product information, streaming video plus an order form to evaluate response, offer and USP. They will analyzed which web test parts (i. e. headers, subheads, offers) made consumers react positively. Outcome was based on how many people opened the email plus ordered the product. The successful internet test result was used to develop a compelling: 120 second Direct Reaction spot

Just for 20 years, leg pillows had exactly the same rectangular design. Kingstar Direct’ s i9000 goal with the new spot had been to use strong visuals, high-end computer animation and a compelling chiropractor endorsement to operate a vehicle home the message of the pillow’ s revolutionary design. These elements each contributed to create the first profitable TV ad for a leg cushion since the genre was born at the end of the particular 20th century. The spot succeeded exactly where quite a few other similar products possess recently failed.

Kingstar Direct developed two variations of the ad – the original mimicked the web test, the second version additional creative elements. The original innovative tested stronger, so Contour Items decided to run with that version, protecting retail distribution across the country.

Kingstar Direct also made testimonial versions of the video content material that fit within Facebook plus Instagram social feeds. All of the movies utilized closed captioning since the audio is frequently turned off when watching video clip content via social media channels.

“ The advertisement created by Kingstar lowered Cost For each Action (CPA) by 29% versus the target, ” said Scott Davis, President of Contour Living Brand names. “ The Kingstar team continues to be great to work with from start to complete. They listen to what you want, communicate efficiently, meet deadlines and challenge along with alternatives where appropriate. The entire groups ‘ can do’ attitude ‘s the reason the creative has been executed quickly. ”

Regarding Kingstar Direct and Kingstar Mass media

Kingstar Immediate is one of North America’ t leading performance-driven video production businesses. Founded by Ed Crain almost 20 years ago, Kingstar is a movie production and marketing agency that will anticipates and responds to business shifts and continually provides real, measurable value to clients. Financing his extensive experience in immediate marketing and television production and addressing the new ways in which consumers interact plus connect, Crain is driving the particular agency into the new world of audio marketing via Kingstar Media: assisting clients communicate across all stations with one voice. Whether developing brands, selling direct to customers, or using direct response in order to drive web traffic or retail product sales, Kingstar has redefined direct reaction and how it can drive marketing strategy.

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