We knew she had a key to looking so good.

Halle Berry’ s Instagram is an one-stop go shopping for wellness inspiration, and in the latest sequel of her #FitnessFriday posts, the girl revealed the workout she swears by: boxing.

“ Boxing is still considered one of the best full entire body workouts. You’ ll sculpt every single muscle and burn major calories from fat and fat. It dramatically reduces stress levels, develops hand-eye dexterity and builds confidence and self-discipline, ” Berry wrote with a photograph of her and trainer Philip Lee Thomas in the middle of a brutal face off in front of a striking bag.

But benefits aside, Berry continued to say her favorite part of boxing is the nonstop learning.  

“ I’ ve already been boxing for the past 10 years and frequently for the past 3 and I love which i always learn a new way to problem myself and work new muscle groups, ” she wrote.

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If you’ re looking for a way to shake the workout routine, Berry challenges you to provide boxing a go. “ I guarantee you’ ll have fun, get your heartrate up and sculpt your body simultaneously!! ”

Not sure how to begin? Get acquainted with throwing punches getting into these types of moves in your own home before lacing up your gloves.

Like Berry said, walking into the ring will be a learning curve— but once you get comfortable, your own workout is sure to be a knockout.

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