We at NYCPM are capable to include this technology in the proper care of our patients with inflammatory look at this or onychomycosis and in the education in our students.

We have been pleased to announce New York College associated with Podiatric Medicine (NYCPM) & Feet Center of New York’ s (FCNY) acquisition of several Erchonia low-level lasers, including both Lunula Lasers plus FX 635 Lasers. NYCPM offers unrivaled excellence in podiatric healthcare education and clinical experience. Their own students receive comprehensive academic instruction and directly-supervised clinical experiences which are second to none.

The particular Lunula and the FX 635 low-level lasers are non-invasive, pain-free, non-thermal, non-surgical and backed by medical trials proving their safety plus effectiveness. The Lunula Laser may be the 1st and only non-thermal FDA Marketplace Cleared laser device for the short-term increase of clear nail regarding patients with onychomycosis, while the FOREX 635 is a low-level laser for that relief of chronic heel pain through plantar fasciitis. These laser technologies are usually breakthroughs for pain-free treatments without known side effects or contraindications.

The donated lasers will be used by doctors and their particular students at the New York College associated with Podiatric Medicine & Foot Middle of New York as solutions meant for conditions common in the field of podiatry, for example acute and chronic heel pain plus onychomycosis (toe nail fungus).

“ We on NYCPM are excited to include this particular technology in the care of our individuals with inflammatory heel pain or onychomycosis and in the education of our students, ” said Michael J. Trepal, Teacher of Surgery, Vice President associated with Academic Affairs and Academic Leader of the New York College of Podiatric Medicine.

Vice President of Erchonia Charlie Shanks said, “ The Dean of recent York College of Podiatric Medication & Foot Center of New You are able to, his staff, and students have got created an environment that encourages a higher standard of education. We are very pleased that NYCPM and FCNY have got trusted us to be a part of their own ongoing education and help all of us bring awareness of low level laser beam therapy (3LT® ) treatment options towards the podiatry field. This is a joyous event for the Erchonia family to be able to relinquish to those who have supported us plus continue to help us reach our own goal of being the world leaders within low level laser applications. ”

For more information, much more http://www.erchonia.com .

Regarding Erchonia
A small family organization is changing the world with the most sophisticated non-invasive lasers on the market. Erchonia proceeded to go from starting in a small garage within 1996 to selling their item in over 50 different nations around the world in 2018. Erchonia continues to be passionate about researching and developing reduced level lasers since the beginning with more than (15) FDA clearances for dealing with chronic pain and promoting weight loss. As this family has grown so has got the world of non-invasive drug-free health care solutions.

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