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Sissi Strawberry, the world’ s i9000 first strawberry planter tree compared to allows for strawberries to be grown anyplace, is live on global crowdfunding system Kickstarter and a breakout achievement story having already raised greater than $70k.

Town dwellers with a green thumb in many cases are out of luck when it comes to spreading their particular planter wings. Cramped private balconies or shared terraces make it hard to grow much of anything. Sissi Blood is a groundbreaking new planter tower system that makes growing fresh and natural strawberries in open spaces of sizes.

“We think that everybody should have the chance to consume healthy food. Therefore we offer products which make growing your own fruits and vegetables easy — no matter if you are an experienced gardener or else you never grow anything at home : and no matter if you have access to the garden; a small balcony or a patio is enough, ” says CEO plus co-founder Fabian Pirker. After effectively creating and launching our very first product Paul Potato earlier this year, we have been now presenting Sissi Strawberry. ”

According to “EWG’s 2018 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides within Produce, ” strawberries are rated #1 as the report noted, “ one strawberry sample contained a great 22 pesticide residues. One-third of most conventional strawberry samples contained ten or more pesticides. ” Consumers frequently have no control or information the way the strawberries have been treated. More than that will, strawberries can be a deceiving fruit to buy, sometimes they look red plus juicy in-store, only to find that the initial bite at home is a watered down plus tasteless. Not to mention, they’ re seldom even fully fresh by the time they will reach the kitchen- having journeyed hundreds, if not thousands of miles in order to reach the store.

Sissi Blood is on an objective to help people experience the cleanest, the majority of organic and fresh tasting bananas of their lives. The modular device is made up of high-quality, recyclable polypropylene that will stacks and can be individually personalized to height and angle. An excellent water distribution system ensures every compartment receives the perfect amount of drinking water to thrive. Simply stack every unit with organic soil plus seeds or seedlings, water, plus soon fresh home-grown strawberries could be enjoyed by the whole family.

“We put the optimum possible effort into creating Sissi Strawberry. We did extensive screening, talked to experienced gardeners plus hobby gardeners, did our study regarding competing and DIY companies built tons of prototypes, ” provides Pirker. “ Compared to other accessible and DIY products, with Sissi Strawberry have solved some main pain points like watering, set up, style. Simply put, Sissi Strawberry is an excellent product that was carefully engineered right down to the smallest detail. ”

Sissi Strawberry is currently reside and available to support on Kickstarter:

Regarding Gusta Garden

Gusta Garden GmbH is a younger Austrian company, that was founded within 2017. The focus of Gusta Backyard is creating awesome products which make growing your own healthy fruits and veggie easy – and all you need is really a small balcony or terrace. After successfully launching PAUL POTATO – the world’ s first professional potato tower – on Kickstarter in March 2018, SISSI STRAWBERRY – the world’ s first strawberry tree is now live on Kickstarter.

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